About Emma

Photo of Emma Winston, a woman with dark hair, glasses and a floral shirt smiling at the camera.

To start with, I think it's important for all my clients to know that I'm diagnosed with ADHD and ASD myself. I was diagnosed in my twenties, after a lifetime of not understanding why I couldn't just do things other people seemed to find easy. I know what it's like to struggle, and to feel like your brain is your enemy.

I also know that when we really understand our unique ADHD brains, and learn to work with them rather than against them, leaning on our strengths, rather than punishing ourselves for not living up to what we've been told we "should" be...well, it changes absolutely everything. ADHD coaching is one way to get there.

I have, like many ADHDers, a pretty eclectic background. I've worked in academia (I have a PhD about ukulele players...), in tech, and as an artist and touring musician (exhibiting and performing at Somerset House, the Barbican, and Primavera Sound, among others). I've spent many years as a lecturer and a study skills tutor, and I'm also a long-standing crisis hotline volunteer.

I have some... weirder claims to fame, too. I published the first peer-reviewed research paper on YouTube lofi hip hop channels. I was once featured on Canadian public radio for making generative art with emojis on Twitter. And before I'd ever disclosed my neurodivergence to anyone, I co-hosted a podcast about my hyperfixations.

The point, though, is this:

I've harnessed my brain to do a lot of awesome things. You can too. Let's figure it out together.

A note on diagnosis and self-diagnosis

When I was diagnosed, I did not know myself very well (after all, I'd been trying to be "normal" for a really long time). My diagnoses came as a surprise, and were an important piece in the puzzle of my self-understanding.

However, my story is not your story. Whether you are formally diagnosed, self-diagnosed, awaiting a diagnosis, or just have a gut feeling that you might benefit from this type of work, you are welcome here.