Coping Strategy Training for ADHD, Autism, and AuDHD

What Is Coping Strategy Training?

If you are in the UK and have received Access to Work funding, you may have been offered ADHD coping strategy training (or coping strategy coaching, or workplace strategy coaching...there are many names for this kind of work!). You might also have been offered autism coping strategy training, or more generally neurodiversity coping strategy training.

How We'll Work

You might view coping strategy training as a specialist form of coaching which is particularly focused on developing and implementing personalised strategies that really suit you, particularly in the workplace.

Like all of my coaching work, coping strategy training involves warm, non-judgmental conversation with me. At the beginning of our time together, we will design a specialised package of training and coaching to help you overcome challenges in the workplace and lean on your strengths. We'll set intentions, think through how you might work better with, rather than against your ADHD, AuDHD or autistic brain, and then put those ideas into practice, building on what you learn as we go.

What We'll Work On

We'll figure out in our first session what areas will have the biggest impact on your work, and start there. Common topics to explore include:

  • Time management
  • Organisation
  • Concentration
  • Project planning
  • Sensory issues
  • Task-switching
  • Prioritising
  • Effective communication
  • Emotional regulation

Workplace strategy coaching is usually offered in a finite package of sessions. Because of this, we try to keep things as goal-focused as possible, looking at how your experience of neurodivergence impacts your work and life, and coming up with tailored strategies that will make the biggest difference possible to you in the longer term.

Coping strategy training is also sometimes offered in a package of a smaller number of longer sessions. We can discuss dividing up the time offered in a way that will suit you.

I don't typically offer coping strategy training on its own outside of Access to Work funding packages; the reason for this is simply that this way of working is already included within the broader umbrella of ADHD coaching (if you're looking for strategies, strategies are what we'll work on!). When an Access to Work funding package is in place, while we'll make some space for big dreams and existential questions if that's what you're here for, we'll also be aiming to keep things as laser-focused and practical as possible since our time together might be comparatively short.

If you are interested in Access to Work coping strategy training or have any questions, please get in touch or book in for an initial chat.